I came to Jesus Christ on March 12, 2013 and then was baptized March 17, 2013. I had been coming to Living Faith for a little over three years at this time. I started going to Living Faith and was excited to have my children learn about God. I was raised going to church and wanted the same for them. I joined a Life Group thinking that I would try it one time and then hopefully I would not be asked to go after that. This was not the case however, I decided to volunteer to host one because my niece Mallory kept saying, you should volunteer, and you have the room. I actually enjoyed Life Group, started asking questions, and started to feel myself change on the inside.

I know for a long time I rejected the idea that believing so heavily on a being that some people seem to only turn to in a crisis could really exist, and not only that He didn't always pull through for you. I know the turning point for me came when I listened to a clip of an 11yr old boy discussing the loss of a calf on his farm. He talked about how God understood, because He gave His only son. He also went on about how God always understands. I was so upset by this, I could not understand how this "kid" could get it so easily and I struggled so hard too. I also didn't understand how I could be having such a rough week and then walk into church and my friend ( that I had made in Small Group) tells me that God told her she needed to pray for me, so she had been praying for me the past week.

Since being saved, my eyes have opened to a whole new world. I see how through prayer Christ is there. The feelings of loneliness I used to have are gone, because I know He is always with me. I know that my life is just falling into place, I am very blessed. I am very excited to see what path He is going to lead me on now.