The Stewardship ministry is a supportive ministry to all other ministries here at Living Faith that helps believers become disciples of Christ in the use of all the resources God has provided. This includes the management of one's body, finances, material possessions, abilities and time.

Stewardship Education

The Stewardship Team seeks to educate the church body on true, biblical stewardship. Group studies, media, testimonies and other means of communication are utilized in this effort.

Mission Giving

Living Faith gives 10% of undesignated receipts to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention.

A percentage of Cooperative Program gifts stay in Indiana to support local missions and ministries. The rest is forwarded to the Southern Baptist Convention for North American and International missions and ministries including: evangelism efforts, children's homes, volunteer missions, missions education, new churches, colleges and universities, college ministries, camps, hospitals, hunger and disaster relief, and much more.

Living Faith gives 0.5% to the Crossroads Baptist Association. (An association of churches in the Indianapolis area who, together support evangelism efforts, church planting, prayer, the Metropolitan Baptist Center.)

Special Mission Offerings

Special emphasis offerings are also taken up annually for missions.

· A Christmas offering for International missions.

· An Easter offering for North American missions.

· A Fall offering for Indiana State missions.

If you would like to donate online click here.


missions1Our Partners in Missions

We are involved with the Southern Baptist Convention which includes many partnerships. Southern Baptists are the most racially and culturally diverse group of believers in the United States. We are the 3rd largest disaster relief provider in the United States with 83,000+ trained workers. Southern Baptists support approximately 5,000 North American missionaries and more than 5,000 International missionaries in 153 nations of the world.

Through the Cooperative Program, Southern Baptists underwrite world-wide hunger relief, hospitals, children's homes, colleges, universities, seminaries, campus ministries and much more.  Click on the links below to learn more about the missions work of the Southern Baptist Convention.

scbi imb namb

State Convention of
Baptists in Indiana

 International Mission Board 

North American Mission Board 

Youth Ministry

Reason Youth Ministry is made up of youth in grades 7th-12th.


The motive for our name is found in the book of Peter, chapter 3 verse 15. "Always be prepared to give a REASON for the hope that you have" and encompasses everything we do as a youth ministry. We engage in a variety of activities and ministries that include: annual mission trips, Sunday School, Wednesday Nights, student development conferences, lunch fundraisers, and concerts to name a few.


Sunday School lessons are currently taught Sunday Mornings 8:45am-9:47(ish) in our upstairs youth room and are plugged into the Gospel Project Chronological. We are in the midst of " A Kingdom Established" which takes us through 1 Samuel-Job this summer.  We also use The Jesus Centered Bible to place Jesus in every passage whether it is New Testament or Old Testament.

Wednesday Summer Nights are from 5:30pm-8:30pm at a variety of different places, but mainly at Living Faith Church Campus. We strive to make summer full of fellowship, silly games, relational conversations, and Jesus. Always Jesus. Wednesday nights are laid-back as we start with a simple dinner and fellowship time followed by a time to serve and then move into our FUN activity.


Our main goal as youth enter and leave the Youth Ministry is that we equip, prepare, support, and encourage youth to live out their faith in Jesus Christ by growing, serving, sharing Jesus, and worshiping God. 



Children's Ministry

PreSchool and Children's Program

Sunday School

This is the Sunday morning portion of our Children's Ministry that meets at 8:45am every Sunday. This part of the ministry focuses on teaching and making sure the children have the firm biblical foundation that they need to live a Christian life. Sunday School is based on three basic truths found in Luke 2:52; "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." (NIV)


It's our desire to see children grow in wisdom, stature and favor as Jesus did! We hope that you will make this an integral part of your child's life and we are looking forward to seeing you!

Wednesday Missions

This portion of the Children's Ministry meets on Wednesday's from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. It allows the children to put into action all that they've learned in Sunday School. This is where they learn that it's not all about me; it's all about Christ and sharing His love with others.

children3The material focuses on learning how missionaries both local and international are able to use their resources to tell people about Jesus. We then use their methods in a similar way and help the children to be "missionaries" in their homes, schools, neighborhoods, and everywhere they go. Each month there is a mission project that allows the children to use their skills in helping others and telling others about Jesus.

Children are welcome to join us in our Sunday morning worship.   

Adult Ministry

adultlogoWith every aspect of our Adult Ministries, we seek to provide a living faith through worshiping God, growing people, serving others and sharing Christ. That process is meant to prepare, challenge, and inspire us to a life that honors God through service and sharing Jesus. We equip every adult to become a full and fulfilled follower of Jesus, and help grow a passion for Christian service, whether it is across the street or around the globe.

adultministry1Through worship, discipleship, service and evangelism new opportunities and experiences are created that help adults through the challenges and confusion that life brings each and every day. One of the easiest ways to connect to people here at Living Faith is through a Life Group.  This is where you will grow deep relationships with others in the church and encourage one another in your personal walk with God while keeping an "others centered" focus through service and sharing your faith.

adultministry2Another great avenue is our Discipleship Essentials classes. In these four classes, we walk together through some key elements in Scripture and how we as a church are striving to live our lives in a way that represents that scripture well.

Click the link below to find out more about Life Groups and Discipleship Essentials classes.

Find Out More

Life Groups
Discipleship Essentials